laveur de plaque multiwash III de 2005


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laveur de plaque multiwash III

Parfait état de fonctionnement. Date de 2005.
Livré avec historique d'utilisation et manuel.

TriContinent’s MultiWash III microplate washer (microtiter plate washer) is designed and manufactured for dependable accuracy, flexibility and convenient operation. TriContinent has designed and manufactured quality microplate washers (microtiter plate washers) since 1992. This experience combined with the ISO 13485 quality system gives TriContinent the confidence to deliver our microplate washers with an industry leading two-year warranty.

Simplicity -- The MultiWash III microplate washer (microtiter plate washer) offers unique design features including, color-coded quick-connect fittings, programming of routines and a single-button rinse, allowing for simplified lab operations.?
Flexibility -- The MultiWash III microplate washer (microtiter plate washer) offers a 8 and 12-port manifolds, in both standard and coaxial configurations. These manifold selections allow your lab to use one microplate washer for a variety of test routines.?
Productivity -- The MultiWash III microplate washer (microtiter plate washer) has the capability to perform a 300 uL three-cycle wash on a full 96-well plate in less than two minutes, and with our optional four-liter wash reservoir, your lab will increase its test throughput and reduce maintenance time.

With programmable wash routines and extensive washing capabilities, the MultiWash III microplate washer (microtiter plate washer) is an ideal choice for labs that perform a variety of test routines including:

Quick-connect fittings allow unit to be fully operational in 15 minutes
Rinse-on-demand feature for complete system cleaning at the touch of a button
Can handle full range of assay types from the most gentle wash to the most aggressive ELISA
These plate washers feature easy-to-program wash routines, bottom washing, sweeping crosswise aspiration, dispense only and aspirate only functions, and overflow washing for continual dispensing while aspirating off the top for a thorough wash. Use the plate washer to perform cell washing; agglutination tests; cytotoxicity tests; and ELISA, EIA, FIA, and LIA tests.

Minimum residual volume is =1 µL per well. Washer has seven programmable wash operations. Independent adjustments of horizontal and vertical needle positions allow any shape well to be accommodated; extra aspiration adjustment for both horizontal and vertical needle positions can be stored in individual programs. Wetted materials include glass, nylon, PTFE, stainless steel, polypropylene, Tygon®, Delrin®, polyethylene, and Santoprene®.

The washer performs a 300-µL three-cycle wash on a full 96-well plate in less than two minutes. You control the dispense pressure. By programming and storing routines, you can switch between seven different modes at the touch of a button. The washer also features a floating manifold that adjusts to match each plate and allows the washer to perform special test procedures. All units are CE-approved, ETL-listed, and certified with CAN/CSA Std C22.2, No. 1010.1.

Cell Washing
Cytoxicity tests
Agglutination tests?

Maximum Dispense Volume

50 µL - 400 µL with standard manifold (recommended)
50 µL - 1990 µL with 8-port coaxial manifold
50 µL - 1650 µL wtih 12-port coaxial manifold

Weight12 lbs or 4.5 kg (instrument only)
21 lbs or 8.2 kg (domestic shipping weight)
25 lbs or 9.9 kg (international shipping weight)
Dimensions (instrument only)
Depth9.5 in. (242 mm)
11.5 in. (292 mm)
16.0 in. (406 mm)
Wash and Rinse Reservoir VolumesWash / Rinse / Waste - 2 liters each
Fluid Contact MaterialsGlass, Nylon, Stainless Steel (standard manifold 304 series and coaxial manifold 316 series), Polypropylene, PVC, PTFE, Acetal, Polyethylene and Santoprene®
ContentsReservoir Kit F (standard reservoir kit)
2 Power Cords (1 each USA / Japan & European
Spare Fuses
Soakig Microstrip Wells
Operations and Maintenance Manual, Quick Start Guide


Full Plate processing speed time180 seconds with 8-port manfold
+ 3% at 300 µL
< 3% at 300µL
Residual Volume< 3 µL per well with standard manifold
Soak Time0- 999 seconds
Number of Wash Cycles10 wash cycles
Number of Programs50 pre-programmed, but user defineable

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